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Sam's Stuff

2016-12-29 16:20:42 by backwardecho

Wherever I end up, I always like to showcase some of my brother's music. Yes, I know I mention him here and there, but that's because he's been a role model for me in many ways and I'm also very proud of his work. Therefore, I present to you a song of his. Enjoy! =)



2016-12-01 15:59:30 by backwardecho

After pondering the options, very excited to announce that I will be, at long last, maturing my software from Reason 3 to Reason 9. Also considering StringWERK, Olympus Micro, Synthwave, Shreddage, and Juggernaut as additives.

I can't wait to get started on new material!!! Not to mention reworking some of my unfinished musical bits, since I only have about 200 of those (quite literally >.>)

Two classics come together

2016-11-21 12:41:38 by backwardecho

Every few years or so, I remember this little video exists and get the urge to watch it again. Always makes my day better!



Musician majoring in electro and cinematic sounds

2016-10-17 21:50:01 by backwardecho

Newgrounds newbie. Little buddy of mine suggested I post my work on this site.