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Entry #10

A few of the songs I still wuv

2017-06-17 20:50:21 by backwardecho


Assemblage 23 has been my go-to for many years. Currently impressed by this track. <3



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2017-06-17 21:42:59

thank you for sharing :)

backwardecho responds:

:) Hope you are well, good sir.


2017-06-19 18:27:20

Lol, this stuff is heavy. Was really digging that assemblage track :3

backwardecho responds:

Haha yeah, I've loved the harsher electronic sounds since I was a wee little thing, although nowadays I'm not into all that heavily distorted screaming some musicians toss in with more aggressive electronic forms.

Nice!^^ - Assemblage 23 is one of my top fav bands. :D